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My dream wedding

I've decided that my wedding is going to be in France! That's like the most romantic place there is! I've been there a couple of times but it was the first trip there that I decided that my wedding is going to be there. You don't get married so often so I really want it to be a special thing in a special place! So I've been looking up different places to have the wedding in and I think I've found the right place. It's going to bee great!

Good for everyone

I think everyone should were a panic alam just in case. you never know what can happened. And therefor it should be good if everyone had a panics alarm to feel safer and to be able to get help quicker if something would happen. How ever one should always be careful and think before doing something and try not to walk alone if its possible to avoid it. That way you are safer then walking alone. But its so good that the technology is getting so much better that we now have these kind of things.